Translating sound into abstract pictures was an idea I was enthusiastic about for quite a while. Creating unique worlds and mesmerizing moments related to the sound of the music and following the rhythm of the track.
I am glad, Automat, a Berlin based electronic-kraut-dub trio endorsed this experimental film. Automat- Jochen Arbeit (Einstürzende Neubauten, Die Haut), Achim Färber (Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub, Skip McDonald) and Georg Zeitblom (wittmann/zeitblom) started working on its latest album Modul while I was developing ideas on how to capture abstract pictures inspired by the music.
Experimenting is a process to discover extraordinary, unique and astonishing moments. after presenting some early stages, the band agreed to start this personal project. Filming while the musicians played the tracks for the first time at candy bomber studio was a rare situation. most videos have been shot after the music was recorded. It was a parallel process on both sides since the album and video were created during the same period of time.
Every frame and effect was shot in camera using exceptional 3D printed objects and a custom made machine to control several movements simultaneously. I am glad for the great collaboration and experience with the musicians.
Special thanks to editor Moritz Dreifke for tremendous support and to Axel Mertsch, Olav Kühnhold, Martin Guhl and FGV Schmidle for technical support.
director/dop: Michael Krautter
editor: Moritz Dreifke

Automat – easy riding